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Winning the Childhood Obesity war

Parents all want the best for their children, that’s a fact. Childhood obesity is something every parent is and should be concerned with in this age of electronics both on a desktop and in their child’s hands. Children seem glued to electronic games and they use them wherever they are, at home, school and in the car. Trying to engage a child in a meaningful conversation without the interference of electronic devices can be a challenge for any parent. Add to the fact that families are trying to make ends meet by working a part-time job on top of a full-time job, finding affordable family fun that includes exercise is yet another challenge.

How can we help our children become healthy happy adults that do not battle obesity as adults starts when they are young. Engaging in activities that are active as well as interactive can make a lifelong road to health easier and more fun not to mention drawing the family closer together. Roller skating can help! Check out these facts below from the Center for Disease Control:

Read the facts on the CDC.gov site here

Childhood Obesity and Child Wellbeing

Childhood obesity has immediate and long-term impacts on physical, social, and emotional health. For example:

  • Children with obesity are at higher risk for having other chronic health conditions and diseases that impact physical health, such as asthma, sleep apnea, bone and joint problems, type 2 diabetes, and risk factors for heart disease.4, 5, 15-17
  • Children with obesity are bullied and teased more than their normal weight peers,18 and are more likely to suffer from social isolation, depression, and lower self-esteem.19
  • In the long term, childhood obesity also is associated with having obesity as an adult,23  which is linked to serious conditions and diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and several types of cancer.24–25

Scary isn’t it?

Roller skating is an activity that can be enjoyed by all ages from children as young as 18 months to adults ages 65+. Roller rinks are great places for children to form friendships and have the entire family enjoy the visits. It is proven that if a child skates twice a week their overall health will improve, their social skills dealing with peers are enhanced and they become more confident in themselves. At Orbit Skate Center in Palatine Illinois we have seen children and adults lose as much as 100 pounds just by roller skating and having fun. The music played is current and makes you want to get moving. Making the roller rink a destination for the family fun a couple times a week means they will enjoy family time together, not glued to a television or game console and you will create memories for your children that last a lifetime.

It is said by many that roller skating is a ‘retro’ sport from the past but we disagree! Roller skating should be at the forefront of any other sport due to the fact that you learn the most important skill of balance. Even standing still on skates takes balance and that balance carries forward to all other sports like soccer, gymnastics, lacrosse and bicycling. A child that learns to be truly balanced learns every other sport more easily. Learn to skate at Orbit Skate Center on Saturdays from 12pm – 1pm for only $5.00 including skates.

Affordable family fun and a road to healthy living is as close as your local roller rink. Make it your destination this week!

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