PTO/PTA Membership Drive Parties

Kick off the School Year by having a PTO/PTA Membership Drive in September!

We all want to encourage our parents to join the school’s PTO/PTA. It benefits the students, parents and the school. Many of our local schools book parties in September and offer free admission to member families. If a family isn’t a member, they can sign up at the party! Easy!

Book your PTO/PTA Membership party for early in the school year to encourage new members. Let your members enter for free and charge a fee if they are not a member. If they sign up for membership at the party, they get in free. We just collect skate rental at the ticket window for those that need skates.

Our school party of $500 is good for a 2.5 hour private party and we offer you a 1/2 price party in April or May of the following year! We collect $4.00 skate rental at the door.

Reserve your school PTO/PTA Membership Drive party and let Orbit Skate Center become your Partner in great things for schools, families and students. If you have questions, give us a call at 847-394-9199 or drop us an email.