Fundraising Parties

Schools, Not-for-Profit Organization and Worthy Causes all have roller skating fundraising parties at Orbit Skate Center! 

We offer an easy way to fundraise with roller skating parties. The more roller skating parties you have during the year the more money you take back to your school organization. Families love to roller skate and many are already loyal customers of Orbit Skate Center. Roller Skating is a healthy family activity that any age can enjoy and it’s easy to reserve a party with us.

Have a fundraising roller skating party for your school or organization on a weeknight and make some great money in ONE night! Schedule your party on a Monday, Tuesday or Thursday night from 6:30pm – 8:30pm or 7-9pm. Place a $50 reservation fee.

We provide you with color flyers, posters and give you hints on promoting your party. We charge $7.00 per person which includes free skate rental. We give you $2.00 per person at 100 attendees processed within 2 days of the party! Call Leah at 847-754-8350 to reserve yours today!

Think about the possibilities you could use the cash for!