School Break Free Skate Passes

School Break Free Skate Passes are one of our most popular programs!

Orbit Skate Center offers free skate passes to our local schools for Winter, Spring and Summer school breaks. Families love getting them and having a fun, healthy and free activity to take their children to during school breaks. The passes are free, delivered to your school in time to distribute before break time. We also offer an electronic version to school districts that do not hand out any paper.

If you wish your school or district to participate, please contact us and let us know which school/district and how many you need. You must be a Principal, Administrator or PTO/PTA President to sign up your school or district. We deliver 15,000 free pass cards to District 15  and over 10,000 to other schools that participate!

If you have any questions you can call the rink at 847-394-9199 and we’ll be happy to tell you about our School Break Free Skate Passes!

Join our growing list of Districts and Schools to bring fun and savings to your students and their families.

District 15 Foundation Palatine, Armstrong School, Carpenter School, Michael Collins, Fairview South, Hitch School, Isaac Fox, Longfellow, Niles Central, Sarah Adams, Seth Paine, Schaumburg Korean, St. Emily, Cooper Middle, St Luke Lutheran, Iroquois, May Whitney, Ebinger Elementary, Greenbriar, & Fairview Elementary and more added all the time!

This is our biggest summer pass program ever! Here’s the route our ‘Road Warrior’ Leah drove to deliver 20,000 Free Skate School Passes: