FAQ about Orbit Skate Center

Can I bring my own food and drinks into the rink?

No outside food or drink is allowed to be brought into the rink during public sessions. Our snack bar is stocked and priced reasonably (unlike a movie theatre for instance). Our family friendly prices make eating at Orbit affordable.  On private parties and events we have an extensive catering menu at very affordable prices.  If you have a reserved birthday party during a public session you may bring cupcakes or a cake for your party. Ice cream cakes are not permitted, we do not have room to store ice cream cakes.

Can I get a job at Orbit Skate Center?

We are not hiring at this time.

Can I go out on the floor in my shoes to take pictures?

Parents are not allowed out on the skating floor with shoes on for any reason during an open public session. It’s too dangerous with skaters not watching for pedestrians walking on the floor. If your child needs your help, please let your hostess, a manager, a floor guard know and we will help your child get to you. During the Birthday Special on weekend daytime sessions, parents are welcome to be out on the floor with shoes to take photos during the Hokey Pokey and Chicken Dance with their children.

Can I use coupons on party packages?

Once your child has a birthday party at Orbit, you will receive monthly coupons and news unless you opt out. The month before your child’s birthday next year, you’ll get a free coupon for the birthday child if you book your party at Orbit. You may use the Birthday Child Free coupon that comes to you the month before your birthday, but you cannot use 2for1, Groupon or free passes on birthday parties.

Do parents have to pay that wish to stay but not skate?

Parents of birthday children skate for free the day of their party. Parents and Grandparents accompanying their children to skate a public session, enjoying the Cosmic Cafe and not skating are also free. We appreciate our Guests utilizing the snack bar to cover the costs of keeping a facility like Orbit Skate Center open and ask that you do not bring in outside food or drink. If you change your mind and wish to skate, you can go to the office and pay for admission and skate rental. You must have a receipt to get rental skates back at the rental skate counter.If you are parent coming with a child to a birthday party, please note that we do not guarantee reserved seating in the snack bar. General seating in the snack bar is for guests that are eating. There is no claiming of tables for an entire session because your child is visiting with us for the birthday party. Most parents spending time with the birthday family utilize the reserved birthday area tables to rest while the children are out skating. We also have a large screen Plasma TV for any major sporting event and have the NBA and NFL subscription for important games. Our Galaxy SkyBar is open during public sessions. If you wish to skate, you need to pay the admission and we include skate rental.

Do you have a lost and found?

At the end of each session, we walk the rink and off floor areas gathering up any items that are left. Valuable items are kept in the office for 30 days. Skate, outer wear, bags, and other assorted clothing are back by the skate room in a lost and found bin. After 30 days, they are donated to a woman’s shelter. If you call the rink and leave a message, please give us a phone number that you answer. You can stop by anytime the rink is open and ask to see if your item is in the office or lost and found bin. We recommend that all our guests use our lockers, they cost 50 cents. We take no responsibility for any items left after a session.

Do you have a skate shop?

We have a complete skate shop that carries a range of skates in a large variety both quad (regular roller skates) and inline skates. We have children and adult sizes. Our brands include Riedell, Rollerblade, Pacer, Sure-Grip, SP-Teri, Harlick, Atom, Luigino, Powell Bones just to name a few. We do repairs, mounting and fitting. Our prices are great and we offer complete customer service. Roller Derby packages available and with any skate purchase, you get a punch card with 7 FREE Admissions to skate at Orbit Skate Center. That’s worth $52.50 in free money. The shop is open any time the rink is open. Check the schedule to see our open times.

Do you have lockers?

Yes, we have lots of lockers and they cost 50 cents. All personal belongings must be locked in a locker and not left on benches, tables, seats or under the benches. If you lose an item and come up to the office, our first question will be “Did you lock it in a locker?”. If you do not have a locker key, we cannot help you. If items are left at the rink we do have a Lost and Found and keep items for a few months before donating them to a shelter.

Do you provide teachers for the children that cannot skate?

Not during a session, but you can arrange a private lesson prior to the session or suggest to your guests parents that they take advantage of our $5.00 Drop In Class every Saturday from 12pm-1pm. The cost of the class, skate rental and afternoon session 1-4pm is $10.00

How big is Orbit’s floor?

Our floor is 188 x 100 hardwood rotunda maple. Orbit’s skating floor is considered by most to be one of the finest floors to skate on and very fast. We wash the floor several times a week.

How can I get coupons to skate at Orbit Skate Center?

The best way to get regular coupons for skating at Orbit Skate Center is to sign up for our monthly Newsletter and Coupons. Occasionally we will have specials on Facebook and Twitter, so be sure to subscribe to us. We typically have a variety of coupons on the market, from BOGO 2for1 skate passes, free passes, and discounts on certain sessions. Our birthday guests are given free skate passes as part of our affordable birthday packages on reserved parties.

What does Orbit offer for Guests with Special Needs?

Our special Guests can experience roller skating in a couple different ways. Northwest Special Recreation rents the rink for private time and bring groups to skate. During our public sessions, we allow wheelchair skaters out on the floor with a skating adult. They are welcome to skate the entire session including couples. We do ask that during more active skates like Dodgeball, Locomotion any wheelchair skaters exit the floor for safety reason. If there is no adult with the skater that can skate, one of our floor hosts will go out with the skater for a few times around the floor. We do not provide for a floor guide for the entire session. Guests that can wear skates have a waist-high wall to hold on to almost all around the floor. Adults are not allowed to walk on the floor in shoes. In our seating areas, we can move tables to make guests in wheelchairs or with walkers more comfortable. We have a private restroom in our skate shop for guests with wheelchairs, just ask at the office or pro shop if you need help.

What do you have in the snack bar?

Our Snack Bar is adding more and more choices of what to eat! We serve: Homemade Pizza, Eisenberg All Beef Hot Dogs, with or without cheese/chili Nachos with Cheese, Peppers, Chili Hot Pretzels, Fresh Cotton Candy, Siberian Chill Freeze Slush in 4 flavors, Bosco sticks in three varieties, Coke and Pepsi products (kosher) Kosher Candy Bars, Churros, and we add new items on a regular basis. We have healthy juice drinks, energy drinks and all the candy and chips you could want. Our prices are family friendly. Check out our full menu here.

What happens in the rink when it’s not open to the public?

Orbit has many activities besides open public skating sessions. If our schedule does not show the rink is open for a session when you wish to visit, we are not open and you are not guaranteed that someone will be there. If you are trying to pick up invitations for your reserved party, please come when the rink is open to the public. Our other activities might not have access to the office. Orbit has speed clubs and groups that use the rink when we are not open to the public and do not have access to many areas of the rink.

Where is Orbit Skate Center located?

We are located right off Northwest Highway, 3 blocks east of Route 53 in Palatine Illinois. Arlington Park Racetrack is right across the street. You can get driving directions by clicking Location on the Main Menu.