Team Rainbo – Outdoor Speed

If you have a competitive edge with the need for inline speed, this program is for you. Determination, enthusiasm, motivation and speed—do you have what it takes? Reaching speeds over 40 miles per hour, this action sport catches determination, endurance and tenacity which drives these athletes’ need for speed to the next level. Inline Speed Skating takes the edge in competitive sports both on the track and on the road.

Cost per practice session: $8.00 per session. Exact amount cash (preferred) or check payable to Orbit Skate Center. Inquire about discount practice cards.

See Team Rainbo’s website for practice dates and times

Cost: per practice session $7. Punch Cards are available for a discount.

Link to practice locations & map at http://www.teamrainbo.com/practice/
Team Rainbo website visit www.teamrainbo.com

Team Rainbo Inline Racing Team

Our Team Rainbo is one of the longest and most successful inline racing clubs in the United States and practices indoors during the winter months. Sunday practices from 8:30 – 11am is the place to start and find out more information about the exciting sport of outdoor marathon inline racing!

Here’s an example of what they do:


Orbit teaches speed skating on Saturday mornings at 9:30am. All skaters in this class start on quad skates and once someone is proficient enough can ‘graduate’ to the 5 wheel inline skates and move on to Team Rainbo. Quad speed skating is enjoying a resurgance nationwide and our Quad team will be competing against local rinks in the near future.

For more information about Team Rainbo, visit their website at: www.teamrainbo.com

For practice times, see below but know that the times change and days are added as times become available. Join their Yahoo group to get email updates regarding practice times.