Learning to roller skating takes time and patience. Skaters that learn at an early age typically achieve a level of skill that is never forgotten and will be enjoyed their entire life. Roller Skating uses 80% of the body muscles and burns calories even when standing still. While skating the body can burn up to 500 calories per hour. Orbit Skate Center has been teaching people of all ages to skate since 1992!

Find the class that is right for you and/or your children.  Our professional teachers use time-tested techniques to show students as young as 18 months how to start to roller skate. Students progress at their own rate and we try to impress on each person that the more you skate the better you will get. Skating during a public session is great fun with specials like couples, dodgeball, crazy trio’s, locomotion and more.

Learn to Skate Classes at Orbit Skate Center – Winter Edition