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Chicago Rink Rats

For those that love roller skating, not only from our childhoods but the future of roller skating a new book is published called Chicago Rink Rats by Tom Russo.

Chicago has always been a haven for some of the greatest roller rinks in the country, considered by many to be the Roller Capital of the United States. This new book describes a fascinating account of some of the best rinks that are gone but never forgotten. Judging by the number of people that come to Orbit Skate Center and stand in front of our museum display, there’s plenty of people young and old that are interested in where roller skating came from and why it continues to be an enduring sport for people of all ages.

My personal experience with Tom Russo was speaking with him in front of the the museum display at Orbit Skate Center that features skates, plates, wheels, skate cases, apparel, stickers and other memorabilia that has been displayed in the cabinet for many years. I’ve accumulated quite a lot of roller skating history and love when people learn more about the sport or tell me memories they have of the various rinks like The Hub, Fireside, The Axle, Rainbo, New Planet, North Ave just to name a few.  Tom expressed an interest in a large photo of the 202nd Armory in Chicago during WW2 that is now a photo in the book that depicts a huge space with lots of people in suits and long dresses along with a wedding happening in the rink when the photo was taken. You just never know who you will meet at a roller rink and our friendship developed as I listened to his stories and experienced his excitement about his upcoming book. – Sandra Levin, Orbit Skate Center

We are hosting a signing of Chicago Rink Rats at Orbit Skate Center on Saturday, December 2nd from 7pm – 10pm. Tom Russo, the author will be on hand to share stories and sign sold copies!

The event takes place during Ladies Night, 7-10pm and admission is free for all ladies. Adults 17+ can stay until 12am.

Sandra Levin :