Birthday FAQ

Are Birthday Deposits Refundable?

We ask for a $25 deposit when you make your party reservation to hold your spot on our regular packages and $100 deposit on our Glo Crazy Party Package. We do not book other parties in your spot and if you cancel your party, we are left with an open area. Birthday Deposits are not refundable. On our Basic and Ultimate parties we are happy to reschedule your party and move your deposit to the new date. Deposits on Glo Crazy parties are not refundable due to the cost of supplies and the inability to reschedule another party into one of the party rooms.

What happens if I don’t leave a deposit for my party?

Birthday Parties that do not have a deposit holding the party area are subject to having another party put in place to cover the area for the session. Please make your deposit when you make your party reservation or when you receive your confirmation email. If you use our online booking system you cannot make a reservation unless you place a deposit.

Can I use coupons on party packages?

Once your child has a birthday party at Orbit, you will receive monthly coupons and news unless you opt out. The month before your child’s birthday next year, you’ll get a free coupon for the birthday child if you book your party at Orbit. You may use the Birthday Child Free coupon that comes to you the month before your birthday, but you cannot use 2for1, Groupons or Free Passes on birthday parties.

Can I go out on the floor in my shoes to take pictures?

Parents are not allowed out on the skating floor with shoes during the skating parts of the session. It’s too dangerous with skaters not watching for pedestrians walking on the floor. Parents are invited out onto the floor during the Hokey Pokey and Chicken Dance in shoes and you are able to take photos at that time.  If your child needs your help, please let your hostess, a manager, a floor guard know and we will help your child get to you.

How do I get my invitations?

You can stop by anytime the rink is open for our custom designed postcards or you can download invitations off the website and print them on your printer. If you wish your invitations mailed to you we are happy to do that and will just add the postage to your party invoice.

Do you provide teachers for the children that cannot skate?

We do have a Drop In Class for $4.00pp right before the Saturday 1-4pm session that many birthday guests attend, we also offer a private teacher to help the children get started for 1 hour for $50. Let our party experts know at the time of booking your party you’d like to have an Instructor.

How long does my party last?

Basic Party Packages are 2 hours long, with all food and dessert  finished by 3:00pm. Tables are cleared at that time and you and your guests are welcome to stay until the end of the session but personal belongings are moved out of the party area or room. Ultimate Party Packages and Glo Crazy Party Packages need to finish all food and dessert by 3:30pm and parents of guests need to arrive 15 minutes before the end of our session. Party parents and guests need to be out of the building by the time the session ends. We have private parties starting after the public session and you will be asked to wait in the lobby with your children’s guests for their late arriving parents.

May I bring any other food to my party?

Unless you have a private function, no other food is allowed except a dessert treat like cake or cupcakes. If you bring in other food, you will be asked to take it back out to your car.

Do you have a freezer for ice cream and/or ice cream cakes?

We do not have freezer space for ice cream or ice cream cakes. Please bring a regular cake or cupcakes on the Basic Package. Cookie Cakes are also welcome.

How soon do you need a final count?

We will call to confirm and get a final head count a few days ahead of time and answer any other questions at that time. Please tell us if you are including adults in your party area so we can adjust your invoice.

Can adults be part of the party package?

Only the children invited to the party will be included in the guest count. The 2 Host Parents skate for free. Party Parents have the option of including adults IN the party zone area for an additional $11.00ea which includes reserved table space, skating and skate rental, pizza and pop.

What about ages 2 and under, are they included in the party package or as invited guests?


How much is it if parents want to stay and skate?  Do we have to pay for it?

The parents of the birthday child skate free as part of our party packages. Parents of children that are attending our birthday parties often wish to stay and skate. You can opt to pay for them or they can pay for themselves. Let us know at the ticket window if you wish to pay for any skating adults or not and we will handle it for you. Costs are: Afternoon sessions – $7.00 per person, Evening sessions – $8.50 per person. Skate rental is $4.00 each. If you wish your adults to be IN the party area with your party, the cost is $11.00 each and that includes reserved table space, skating and skate rental, pizza, pop and cupcakes.