Orbit Skate Center's Story

Orbit Skate Center opened in 1972, owned by two brothers. The rink was designed to host very large numbers of people with a rotunda wood floor that was 200 x 100 hardwood maple floor. There was a ladies and mens skate rental, a coat check room, snack bar, pro shop and arcade room up by the front door. The ceiling height was 40 feet which made the skating floor and the entire building seem much larger than the 28,000 square feet.

The Early Years

During the firsts 20 years that Orbit was open, it was known for its artistic skating club that produced many national champions and had some of the best teachers in the country. Famous organists like Frank Pellico, Tony Tallman, Carl DeSanti and others provided the traditional skating music for the sessions and the competitive events.

When the disco age came, they experienced an explosive growth of skaters that wanted to learn to skate and enjoy some of the best skating music of all time. Lines down the parking lot waited to get into the rink.

Watch for the next chapter coming soon.

Orbit Skate Center Snack Bar
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