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90’s Skate Party

The 90’s were a decade of exploding technology, boy bands and great music by Beyonce, Madonna, Gwen Stefani and more. Crazy clothes and colors were seen everywhere. Social Networking, cellphones and texting hadn’t taken over yet and some feel this was the best decade ever! Join us November 18th from 7-10pm for all ages and 10pm – 12am for adults 17+ (adults can arrive earlier and just pay the one admission). Admission is $8.50 per person and skate rental is $4.00 if needed.

Orbit Skate Center reopened in 1992 with new outer space decor, fantastic murals and the best skating surface in the area. We are celebrating 25 years of creating memories for families, schools and organizations. Keep the party going and come skate!

Sandra Levin :