Welcome to the Orbit Skate Center Blog!

While you’re used to staying connected to Orbit Skate Center on Facebook, Twitter, and Google +, or being able to check our schedule and events on our website, you may not know what to expect from our blog. Here, we’ll be bringing you great information on our Palatine skating center, skating in general, and more!

Get the inside scoop on roller skating in Palatine and beyond

While you may be familiar with our schedule and events, how well do you know Orbit Skate Center? On our blog we’ll tell you more about the center itself and the people within it, as well as give you more details on the skating schedule and events that you already love. Beyond our center doors, we’ll also discuss skating as a whole: The sport, the history, the music, and everything in-between.

Stay connected to the blog for our weekly updates

We’ll be bringing you weekly posts on the blog to keep you connected and informed. You can also follow our social media channels, where we’ll post links to each blog post after their published for you to enjoy!  Do you have a question or is there something about roller skating that you particularly want to know? Tell us in a comment on one of our posts, and we’ll look into covering it in one of our future skating blogs.

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